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FDBM 2024

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We are excited to to announce that the 2024 Five Dirty Bikers Meetup will be taking place in Whitewood, South Dakota at the Iron Horse Inn a week before the Sturgis Rally!

July 26-28 are the dates chosen for a weekend of great riding, partying and pre-Sturgis fun. Avoid the congestion of riders during the Rally but take advantage of on-site vendors who will be set up early before the 84th kicks off.

The Iron Horse Inn is giving FDBM guests a special rate for the 26-28th, so make sure you call and tell them you are coming for FDBM 24! You can check out the Iron Horse Inn website here. Call now for reservations at (888) 888-9091.

Be on the lookout for event t-shirts to go on sale by the new year and join our FREE DISCORD to stay current on event happenings.

About the Event

FDBM (or Five Dirty Bikers Meetup) is a weekend motorcycle event hosted by the Five Dirty Bikers. This is an inclusive event that ANYONE can attend regardless of who you are and the type of motorcycle you ride. FDBM is about community, riding and having an awesome time if you have a love for two wheels. If this is your jam, join us at the event this summer and make some amazing memories.

Schedule of Events Sneak Peek!

Although we are still finalizing plans for the schedule of events at FDBM24, we wanted to give you a quick peek into some of what we have in store. Especially regarding the rides. We know that a lot of you are coming early or staying afterwards, We want you to know where we intend to go on the FDBM rides so that you can plan your trip accordingly!

A quick note about the FDBM rides... the routes that we have selected are not what you would consider 'technical'. They should be ridable and enjoyable by everyone. If you want to do things like Needles or Iron Mountain Road, those are the types of routes that you should plan to do outside of FDBM.

Schedule as of 2/15/24

Friday, 26 July

4pm - 10pm: Meetup, vendors, eats and drinks at the I Bar!

Saturday, 27 July

9:30am - Meet in IHI parking lot at TBD rally point.

9:45am - Safety Briefing

10:00am - KSU for the FDBM Dick Ride!

5:30pm - Ride ends back at the IHI

7:00pm - I Bar for meetup, eats, drinks, and maybe another thing or two

Sunday, 28 July

9:30am - Meet in IHI parking loat at TBD rally point.

10:00am - KSU for TBD ride(s)

We are still working on possible routes as well as afternoon/evening activities

The FDBM 24 Dick Ride!

When Ryan and Percy went out to the Iron Inn last August, Greg and Andi took them out for an amazing day of riding. And the immediately said "We've got to do this ride for FDBM!". And when they saw the recording image of the ride well... they knew it was meant to be!

This is a ride you do not want to miss! Planned stops along the route will be:

- Beulah, WY. Rumors are that there might be a pool with bikini clad service staff.

- Sundance, WY. We will be stopping at an amazing HD dealer.

- Devil's Tower. Reported alien landing station.

- Hulett, WY. Lunch. Possibly table top dances by KimMotto.

- Bell Fourche, SD. Stone House Saloon

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