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Latest News

Our donated 1975 Ironhead Sportster is currently on a truck on its way to Florida to the residence of Jared Weems.


We have also decided that we will be replicating the second bike from the David Mann Hot Dog Stand painting. A little backstory...Jared has already build the Triumph motorcycle also seen in the painting.

This is exciting knowing that we can possibly replicate the photo since the stand actually exists!

What is Happening?

In 2022, Five Dirty Bikers will be working with a host of sponsors, as well as award-winning bike builder Jared Weems of Weems Motor Co. and Youtube giant Blockhead, to build out a Harley-Davidson Sportster to raise money for the autism community. 


Why Autism?

One in forty-four children in the United States are given an autism diagnosis, a 241% increase since the year 2000.  There is no clear answer as to what causes autism, but we do know that it is a life-long disorder with no cure. Autism can create many challenges for individuals as well as their families. Finding services and treatment can be difficult for many making quality of life difficult for those on the spectrum. That's where we come in.

Who Will Benefit?

Five Dirty Bikers is determined to make this build and raffle an important mission to help the community in need. We have landed on a charity to benefit from the raffle. Let us introduce TACA (The Autism Community in Action). Based out of Orange County, CA, TACA has chapters nation-wide that have been providing education, support and hope to families living with autism since 2000.